Here’s the “Skinny” on the Healthy Chef!

My health is my greatest investment. My weight has gone from 296 pounds to 200, my waist was a snug 42, down to a comfortable 34″. The best part is that I am never hungry, I don’t eat less, I just eat better. I have taken on a healthier lifestyle. So take a journey with me and explore the body & mind connection regarding food knowledge. Boost flavors and cut calories. I am living proof that “You can trust a skinny chef.” After taking a trip to New York to audition for the popular TV Show “Chopped” on the Food

Barry’s Palate

What is an accomplished chef who has catered events for the White House and been a Food Network star doing running a tiny eatery that used to be Suzanne’s Deli in Wyndmoor? Classically trained for more than a decade under Master Chef Jean Pierre Tardy, who was the executive chef of Le Bec-Fin for seven years, chef Barry E. Sexton, 52, also worked on creating signature dishes at Jean Pierre’s French restaurant in Newtown, Bucks County. In addition, in the 1990s he worked at Striped Bass, which was then one of the top fine dining restaurants in the city. With over

Chef 2 Chef

Take a look! It’s my next adventure. Come one come all……

Here’s Organic Chicken at it’s Best. Got to try this recipe!

Description This organic chicken recipe is presented by Chef Barry Sexton of Opinionated Palate.  Note: La Piana – Mezzaluna is the brand name of the pasta used in this recipe for the agnolotti’s, which is a product of Italy. Please feel free to experiment with using other desired pasta. Ingredients 3 T olive oil 4   Bell & Evans Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast 1 c gorgonzola pasta, pre-cooked or other desired pasta 1⁄2 c onion, peeled & cut into small dice 1 T garlic, chopped

This Coming Fall: Comfort Food at it’s Best!

We are offering clients a fresh and healthy eating option. We are creating homemade cuisine that’s fit for busy lifestyles. Our services are based on the belief that the customers needs are the upmost importance. We accept the challenge but won’t dilute the mission.

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