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The culinary artist is Chef Barry Sexton, owner of Opinionated Palate, a full service off premise gourmet catering company. Chef Sexton has over 30 years of experience working in various upscale restaurants and hotels, locally and abroad. We love food. It has the power to connect people, revitalize spirits, nourish souls and inspire ideas. It is our passion for food in all its glory that fuels our search for the freshest ingredients, drives our creation of seasonal menus and provides our clients with outstanding culinary experiences.

Chef Barry Sexton

Philadelphia native, Chef Barry Sexton is an educator, leader, brand ambassador, recipe and menu developer with over 35 years of experience.

A graduate from the Philadelphia Art Institute. He has trained for more than a decade under the tutelage of Master Chef Jean Pierre Tardy of Newtown, Pa. Chef Sexton’s vast career includes work at some premiere restaurants and hotels in the Philadelphia and Bucks County areas.

He was showcased on the Food Network Show ”Dinner Impossible” with Chef Robert Irvine. Also featured on Chef Gordon Ramsey “Hotel Hell”.

Chef Sexton is well known for his catering, private cooking classes and guest chef appearances that showcase his passion for cooking.

As the owner/ Chef of the Opinionated Palate Catering, our dishes are heavy on flavor and light on calories, fresh & delicious. He has established a name within the culinary world as an expert in creating and crafting custom menus.

Celebrating nuptials is our area of expertise. No one understands the sheer once-in-a-lifetime excitement of planning and experiencing your dream wedding or re-commitment ceremony quite like Opinionated Palate Catering.

For over 35 years, under the guidance of Chef Barry Sexton, we have been passionately perfecting our culinary craft, as well as the art of hospitality. We always create unique menus that reflect your taste, style and marital vision. We embrace the privilege of helping brides and grooms plan most memorable events. We are licensed to cater events at a location of your choosing, depending on the venue requirements. You and your guests will enjoy an atmosphere of marital joy with our delectable cuisine, preferred wine-pairings, and impeccable service.

Opinionated Palate offers catering for a variety of wedding venues and cuisine for discerning food enthusiasts.

Choose from culinary services such as:

  • • A la carte wedding lunch / brunch / dinner
  • • Sommelier (optional)
  • • Customized station-style offerings
  • • Cocktail-party with butlered hors d’oeuvres
  • • Beach & yacht receptions
  • • Informal backyard barbecue receptions

Style, elegance, and simple sophistication characterize the standard we will bring to your wedding day. We know that every union is an exceptional occasion, so Opinionated Palate specializes in customizing incredible culinary experiences and making every moment tailored to your wishes.

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We love what we do!

We don’t make food for events. We make food for people. It’s an important distinction. The careful crafting and presentation of every dish we serve is all for nothing without an audience to enjoy it. We partner with you to create culinary experiences that dazzle your guests. Our staff, creative, high-energy, and love what they do. Our personalized service goes beyond giving you the experience that you imagined to giving you one that you didn’t even know was possible. A striking presentation will draw you to the table. Food that is fresh, modern and delicious. Regardless, the services offered will be an experience that you’ll savor long after the dishes are packed and the tables are cleared.

Once your personal menu is selected, I go to work as a dedicated chef; orchestrating every detail with your vision in mind. The result is a culinary delight for all of the senses one which you and your guests will remember forever.

We are an affordable luxury! Call today to discuss your next event.

Your day is our day. It's huge, emotional, and with our help the easiest celebration you've ever planned.

Opinionated Palate has a diverse clientele and would be honored to cater any exquisite affair.

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